“The moment you make passive income and portfolio income a part of your life, your life will change.” – Robert Kiyosaki


We are excited to surround ourselves with people who have made millions of dollars in crypto currency and want to share with you what we believe to be the best of what they're teaching us.  This is crypto currency and as such there is risk involved.  We do not offer any guarantees.  We simply pass along to you different opportunities as they are offered to us.  We are not financial advisors or yet professional crypto traders.  We are simply a conduit of information to offer you the same opportunities offered to us.  Please do not ever invest money that you cannot afford to lose, as is smart in any investment situation.  

About Us

The Future of Money

The experts may not agree how but they do all seem to be in agreement that money as we know it will soon be changing again.  Wampum lead to metal coins, then to paper bills, then cheques.  Then a plastic card.  Visionaries see the writing on the wall and recognize the future belongs to crypto currency.   Those early adopters stand to gain the most. 

Why Crypto Currency?

We believe Crypto currency will play a huge part in the future of finance because it offers a way to transfer money quickly inexpensively and with much less risk of fraud than anything before. Money has a way of evolving and as we see the trend shifting more and more to crypto currency we wanted to place ourselves in a strong position in front of that growing trend.  

Why Us?

We have been in business helping people create more Money & Time for almost a quarter of a century. We've helped thousands of people around the world to better their situations.  We have always been known to act with integrity.  In this situation we are not the experts but simply a  conduit for information.  All options found on this site are things we are involved in , but that in no way guarantees a successful outcome.  We are risking and investing right along with you. 

Uulala Token (UULA)

What is Uulala?

Uulala is currently still in ICO state selling at the moment for $.13.  

In a nutshell it is a financial platform that offers banking and credit building (using block chain technology) to the underbanked of the world where a brick and mortar bank is not an option.  

How do I buy coin?

Go to https://tokensale.uulala.io/?join=d06d688b-e16a-49bd-a1c5-b9c2ea1b38c0

and then click on "participate" and follow the instructions.  

If you were sent to this site by someone besides us, please use their link to purchase.

What is the urgency?

Uulala is expected to go live on May 21st but they are expecting another jump in the price sometime around May 4-6.  They are expecting regular jumps every few days until the 21st when it goes to the trading platform.  You can see their quarterly roadmap at tokensale.uulala.io

Who is talking about Uulala/

iHeart Radio


Yahoo! Finance


Market Watch




...just to name a few!

Search them online and read for yourself.  We are witnessing the beginning of something that could be very BIG!

White Paper

Go to https://tokensale.uulala.io and scroll down half a scroll and you'll be able to open the white paper on this token! 


coming soon...

Thanks for joining us on our journey.   We feel a great responsibility to prepare as many people as possible for what may be ahead.  We feel we have been blessed with information and simply want to pass that information on to you.  We cannot make any guarantees as we are risking right along side you, but the information is now in your hands just as it was put into ours and what you do with it is for you to prayerfully decide.  

Eric and Tricia Albrechtsen

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